Nontoxic , Nonhazardous and environmental friendly fire extinguishing agent developed using the latest technology

Technology – Features and Benefits





Multi-use Fire Suppression Agent

Class A fire extinguishing agent
Class B fire extinguishing agent
Specialized Class C fire extinguishing ability
Tire and Rubber extinguishment
Cools metals extremely quickly without violent
reactions – Class D fires.
Eliminates confusion at the fire scene over which product to choose for a particular hazard and enables firefighters to extinguish many classes of burning material in structures without changing agents.

Eliminates the need to duplicate inventories of agents for different hazard protection and provides the department with streamlined training

Enhanced Burnback Resistance


Immediate heat reduction on all burning surfaces ith no threat of spontaneous re-ignition for Class
A / Class B materials that cannot be extinguished
with conventional fire suppressants.


Gain control of fire and ability to assess
damage and creates a safe environment
for rescue operations.

Reduces Surface Tension of Water

Allows for increased penetration into deep seated
fires and delivery of the agent in Class A materials
such as hay, cotton, coal, and wood.
Allows for faster heat reduction and
reduced release of toxic vapors and

Performance in confined spaces

Frequent building burn tests have demonstrated
no temperature increases and reduction of
explosive vapors.
Keeps emergency personnel from
harmful exposure to steam burns during
initial stages of a fire in a confined space

Vapor lock

Encapsulates vapors below the Lower Explosive
Limit (LEL) and reduces re-combustion that may
form above the surface of the fuel.
Eliminates the risk of explosion when
emergency equipment generates sparks
during extrication.

Post-fire Security

Interruption of the free radical chain reaction
prevents free radicals from coming together to
form soot and dangerous smoke.
The smoke reduction enhances fire
fighter’s visibility and ability to locate

Ease of Use

Allows for more efficient use of water and less
product is needed to extinguish Class A / Class B
type fires.
Economical choice and cost effective on
department budgets along with
conservation of water.

Rapid Heat Reduction

Ability to overcome principles of low thermal
conductivity and quickly remove heat from
material that begin as simple Class A to complex
Class B fires.
HydraNT® Agent consistently out
performs all other agents on
extinguishing tire and rubber fires.

Non-toxic Non-Hazardous

Firefighters can focus on hazardous situations at
hand rather than worrying about contamination
to themselves and the environment.
Reduced risk to all emergency response
personnel along with reduced risk to the

Favorable BOD and COD

HydraNT® Agent easily dilutes, dissolves, and
breakdowns with no measurable impact to the
Safe to discharge into streams and rivers
along with wastewater treatment

Neutralizes flame spread

Reduces combustion threat of surrounding
material and infrastructure.
Protects employees and prevents
property loss and damage.


HydraNT® Agent can be pre-mixed into tanks as it
will not damage or corrode internal pumps or
Easily applied with standard equipment
(Nozzles, Eductors, Proportioners,
Extinguishers, CAFS).

No Foam Blanket

HydraNT® Agent has no requirement to form and
maintain a foam blanket to extinguish a fire.
Specialized techniques are not required
to neutralize fires and no special setup is
required when arriving at the fire scene.

100% Miscible in water

HydraNT® Agent will not separate if premixed in a
Eliminates concerns related to shelf-life
and product stability.

Proportions easily

Can be used with a wide variety of proportioning
equipment including fixed, on board, around the
No special equipment is required.

Reduces Thermal Current

Allows fire fighters to aggressively attack Class A /
Class B fires since they can reach burning material
Enhances fire fighter safety and
increases confidence when responders
approach a fire situation.


Hydra-NT Wildfire

Nontoxic , Nonhazardous and environmental friendly fire extinguishing agent developed with latest technology